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Buy Custom Made Scary Mascot Costumes

Want a thrilling, chilling, goosebumps-inducing mascot costume for the Halloween, birthday party, sports game or any other event?  We will craft it for you.

Why Choose Readymade Mascot Costumes

Our online store offers high-quality scary mascot costumes for sale. We design them basing on cultural trends as well as personal preferences. Our designs are also very kid friendly. We have created such eye-popping mascot costumes as Winged Monkey, Gorilla with chest, Green Monster Mike, Creature Reacher Gruesome Bat, furry Orange Monster, and Peter Rottentail for various events. You can also buy costumes of characters from popular movies like Shrek, Monsters, and Avatar. Our mascot costumes are not just for the amusement of kids. Adults will definitely like your Vodka Bottle Halloween mascot costume.

Get Your Custom Scary Mascot Costume

If you don’t want to buy scary mascot costume, which are readymade, you can order a bespoke costume of your own design. Our tailors will craft any mascot costume according to your specific requirements. If you want to have an existing model altered, or a new one made from the scratch, our team is here to take on the challenge. You can customize size preferences as well. Give us the basic idea, and we will tailor your scary mascot costume just as you want.

Our Guarantee

We are the team of professional mascot manufacturers who guarantee that all custom designs will be made exactly as ordered. We use high-quality, lightweight materials for all our products so that ensures wearer’s comfort. We pay special attention to ’s details to make it easy to breathe and talk while wearing.

You can order any custom mascot from our store whether you need it for personal use, school’s events, sports games, business advertising campaigns. Contact us for more information on shipping, customization services and payment.