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Monster Mascot Costumes – Favorite Movie, Beloved Characters

Monsters should not be scary at all, especially if they are the characters of one of the most popular animated movies ever made! Our selection of Monsters Inc. Mascot Costumes for sale will bring every child and adult the festive spirit, positive emotions, and, of course, pleasant memories. Wearing the mascot, you will become the star of the event you are attending! The mascot clothing we offer is perfect for promo campaigns and openings, children holidays, corporate events, and all the other bright occasions you can only imagine.

Monsters of Your Dream

You can choose the Green Monster Mike mascot costume. Monster Sulley and Monster Randall mascot costumes are amazing too. Kids will squeal with delight when seeing these unbelievable creatures. The little girl Boo can be recreated in the mascot costume too with the help of our customization service if you wish. Moreover, be sure, our professional fairies will gladly tailor almost any movie or cartoon character’s outfit for you. Send us a sketch, describe in words via e-mail, or tell your ideas in any convenient way – the costume made will overcome your highest expectations.  With our monster costumes, you will inevitably become the unforgettable personage at any party. Everybody will gladly take pictures with you and hug the giant good-natured creature.

Buy High-Quality Monster Mascot Costumes Online

The costumes are made of the top-grade breathable fabrics, being soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. They can resist rain, beat, and collision. You can use them for long periods, and the outfits will easily maintain their quality. They look natural and resemble the movie characters perfectly. At the same time, the costumes do not disturb natural motion.

The mascot costumes available on our site are one-sized items appropriate for both men and women. Once again, if you have any special requirements regarding the size, color, or model, customize. We are interested in sending the perfect look to you. Adding a logo or original writing to the costume is not a problem as well.

How Long Until I Receive My Order?

You can buy our Monster mascot costumes online and receive them worldwide. The prompt delivery just depends on your location. Anyway, we monitor the shipping process strictly to make your mascot dream come true as soon as possible.