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Stunning Olympic Mascot Costumes

The tradition of choosing a mascot for Olympics dates back to the 1968 year. Since that time, mascots have become an integral part of every Olympic games. In fact, they appear to be the symbols of the host country which also signify the idealistic spirit of the games. Olympic mascots resonate with the audience, appealing to their sense unity that links people from all across the world. Understanding the importance of the mission entrusted to Olympic mascots, we offer the superior service of crafting mascot costumes of any complexity and design.

Best Choice of Olympic Games Mascot Costumes for Sale

In our store, you can buy Olympic Games mascot costume online. We tailor all costumes in our mascot workshop from the sketch according to the requirements of our customers. No matter how complex design is and how big your mascot should be, we will execute the project on the highest level. Our specialization on tailoring mascot costumes and the professionalism of our team allows us to produce outstanding products for the clients with different demands.

We use only top-grade materials for the mascots. They are lightweight, breathable and water-resistant. The combination of these fabrics makes costumes durable and easy to use. Unlike cheap Olympic mascot costume, your high-quality peace will remain good-looking even after the long-time continuous usage. Moreover, its thoughtful design allows wearer move without discomfort and perform actively.

Reliable Service and Fast Delivery

The procedure for ordering is comprehensive and fast. Once you left us the message on the website, we get in touch with you to discuss details. After we agree to design and size of the mascot, you proceed the payment via one of the proposed options, and we get down to work. When the costume is finished, we send you photos and make sure that you 100% satisfied.  Then we arrange the shipment.

We ship costumes worldwide with one of the delivery services you choose. Shipment cost depends on the location and the service itself. Usually, it takes 1-2 business weeks to receive the product. We enclose mascot’s bag to your order, which makes it convenient to store and transport the costume. Contact us via email, phone or the website, and we will gladly consult you on all the questions you are interested in.