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?artoon mascot costumes – turn an ordinary day into a real holiday!

Presentations, advertising and promotion actions, corporate events, parties, birthdays, weddings just can’t be borings and this is a fact! So, if you want to diversify somehow an upcoming event, make it funny and unusual, be sure to turn your attention to original cartoon characters mascots. Sponge Bob, Shrek, Mike Wazowski, Puss in Boots, Smurfs or Bart Simpson will make any event bright and unforgettable! After all, your favorite cartoon or fairytale characters can easily be translated into reality and move of TV screens and book pages to a children’s holiday or any other event.

Why should one buy a cartoon mascot?

Mascots presented at our range are so skillfully made that children immediately recognize them and enjoy the possibility to get acquainted and play with their favorite heroes. Even the dullest day can be turned into something special with the emergence of Cheshire Cat, Squirrel Scrat, Kung Fu Panda, Minions, Tom and Jerry, etc. Besides, our mascots are lightweight, breathable and extremely comfortable to wear. They allow a wearer to run exciting contests, sing, dance, jump, in one world, have fun to the max!

Our assortment:

  • Minions mascots
  • Barney mascots
  • Pleasant Goat and Grey Bad Wolf mascots
  • Seven Dwarfs mascots
  • Sponge Bob mascots
  • Disney mascots
  • Dora and Diego mascots
  • Sesame Street mascots
  • Snowman mascots
  • Simpson mascots
  • Others

The best place to buy a cartoon mascot

From now, you will no longer fall into despair if your child making a list of guests decides to invite Winnie-the-Pooh or Ninja Turtles. After all, to turn the dreams of your child into reality is as easy as ABC! Just choose a mascot from our wide assortment by yourself or contact us, and we will help you to make the best choice that’ll bring a lot of positive emotions both for you and your kid!