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Purchase cheap food & drinks mascots online

Are you looking for the most inexpensive way to promote your brand or attract more tourists to your restaurant? Searching for the new marketing tools to stand out? Then just order our food and drinks mascots for advertising and promotion events to overrun your competitors. As an online shop, we provide a full range of ultimate mascots at the lowest prices possible. On our helpful website, you can buy a Pizza, Hot-Dog or Hamburger mascot made from a variety of ultra-safe and water-repellent fabric.

Select the high-quality food mascot costumes

Mascots are the most memorable images in advertising. On our website, you can choose the funny and adorable mascot costumes that will add a rich accent to an ordinary marketing campaign. Furthermore, our products offer many choices to your café or restaurant as they always get a lot of customers’ attention.

Imagine a huge Hamburger or a Bottle mascot standing in the doorway of your pub or snack bar or just walking around. He loves to high five and never says ‘No!’ to a group selfie – usie, or a simple photo shoot session with your guests. Great advertising idea, don’t you think so?

So, if you are looking to buy cheap food or drink mascot costumes online, we can easily provide it for you.

Price assurance and convenience aims to make sure its clients have a hassle free experience of food mascot costumes purchasing. Here you will easily find the mascot you desire at the most reasonable prices. Once you have selected the really nice full-body costume, you can order it on our website.

We accept payment by most major credit or debit cards and Paypal. Our delivery service makes sure that you receive your purchase at any location you desire within a week.