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Wide range of cheap tiger mascots

Soft and cuddly tiger mascots are always welcome at all children’s parties. As they can delight any child and many adults as well. Children are always happy to see them and eagerly invite to play games. That is why, with the participation of these cute characters, any event turns into a joyful and dynamic celebration. So if you buy a tiger mascot in our online store, you can be 100% sure that kids will get a maximum of pleasure and fun. Both children and their parents will remember the wonderful hours spent in the company of their new friends for a long time!

However, children’s parties are not the only place where giant plush guest are able to make a splash! They are often used for corporate events, New Year celebrations, companies’ anniversaries or bright presentation, where mascots can serve as a hostess or even a host of the event. Also, it is quite traditionally to used mascots as a kind of living advertising distributing promotional products and attracting the attention of potential customers to the company’s products or services.

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  • A wide assortment of affordable tiger mascot costumes;
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  • Exceptional service;
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