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Monkey Mascot Costumes

Monkey mascots are definitely the simplest and most inexpensive way to raise the degree of fun at any festival. Big and bright, funny and original, they will surely get the spotlight, improve your spirits and even inspire.

Have you ever thought which cartoon or movie characters are your favorite? We can bet that these are monkeys, of course! And don’t tell us that you are adults and are no longer interested in such kind of stuff. Undoubtedly these amusing animals can melt the heart of even the greatest cynic in the world. And we are absolutely sure that you watch such cartoons/movies as Space Chimps, Rocket Monkeys or Planet of the Apes with the same pleasure as your children do! What about inviting a plush cute monkey to your party? Both children and adults will be the same happy to get such a wonderful surprise. A sea of laugh and smiles is guaranteed!

However, monkey mascots are great not only for family celebrations. They are indispensable for presentations, advertising campaigns, fairs, in all cases when you need to attract the maximum attention of potential clients to your product or services.

With our monkey mascots you can:

  • Entertain children and adults at matinees, birthdays, picnics, parties, weddings and anniversaries.
  • Hand out advertising booklets, leaflets and flyers in shopping malls and on the streets.
  • Present particular goods and services.
  • Meet guests at corporate events.

? –  wide assortment, lowest prices

Since we can boast the largest assortment of the best mascot costumes, we can help you to choose the best option for any event. Just contact one of our administrators, tell what kind of holiday you are going to organize, and he/she will advise you what kind of mascot will be the most appropriate.

Have a nice shopping with us!