• 1. Neck
  • 2.Head
  • 3.Chest
  • 4.Waist
  • 5.Hips
  • 6.Shoulder
  • 7.Arm length
  • 8.Bicep
  • 9. Wrist
  • 10.Bust to waist
  • 11.Waist to hips
  • 12.Waist to floor
  • 13.Hips to floor
  • 14.Knees to floor
  • 15.Neck to floor

It’s better to get a family member or friend to assist you with the measurements. If you have a piece of clothes that fits perfectly, you can measure it instead of a body.


1. Height

  • You will need a measuring tape, small box, a pencil and a mirror. Take off your socks and shoes. Measure your height only when you are BAREFOOT.
  • Remove anything from your head. Keep your hair flat.
  • Stand with your back against the wall and your feet together. Stand up as straight as possible with your heels, back, shoulders, and head all touching the wall. Tuck in your chin and look straight ahead.
  • Hold the box in one hand, and the mirror and pencil in the other.
  • Raise the box to the top of your head, press it against the wall.
  • Use the mirror to make sure the box is horizontal to the floor and perpendicular to the wall, forming a right angle. Do not tilt the box as this will cause an inaccurate measurement.
  • Mark the position above the top of your head on the wall with a pencil.
  • Measure from floor to the pencil mark with a measuring tape.

2. Head

  • Loop the tape measure around your head about an inch and a half above your ears.

3. Chest

  • Place one end of the tape measure at the fullest part of your chest.
  • Wrap it under armpits, around your shoulder blades, and back to the front.

4. Back width


  • Turn your back upon the helper.
  • Your back should be straight. Shoulders need to be in a relaxed position.
  • Find the shoulder points. These two pints are the points where the shoulder meets the arm.v
  • Measure the space between your shoulder points. Keep in mind that you should measure across the broadest part.


  • Take a perfect tailored shirt.
  • Lay the shirt flat.
  • Smooth it out so that the material lies as flat as possible.
  • Locate the shoulder seams. The seams are the points at which the sleeves meet the torso portion of the shirt.
  • Measure from seam to seam.

5. Arm length

  • Bend your elbow and rest your hand on your hip.
  • Measure from the top of the arm to the longest finger, keep your ELBOW BENT.

6. Hip

  • Measure the hips at the fullest part.
  • Wrap the measure tape around the seat.

7. Inseam


  • Take off your shoes.
  • Get somebody to measure your inner leg from the lowest part of your crotch to your ankle.


  • Take your pair of pants that fits you ideally (note, they shouldn’t be too LOOSE around the waist).
  • Measure the inseam of the pants.

8. Feet

  • Take off your shoes.
  • Step down on a piece of paper and trace the outline of your foot.
  • Use the ruler to measure the length of your foot from the longest toe to the back of your heel.